What is it about living that has some of us questioning everything? What is it about humans that we are always on a search for meaning? I am constantly thinking about my purpose.  I write because it gives me the opportunity to consolidate my thoughts and create structure around them.  Spoken and written words transcend the ethereal realm of the mind. They become concrete and actionable.

Every chapter of our lives creates new opportunities and struggles. Existing for nearly 5 decades I have seen my share of what life has to offer and challenges that it brings. For me, the four tenets of stoicism, purpose, mastery and adventure are the areas I focus on.

I am naturally stoic. Yet, I have had to train in proper stoicism.  I have read the ancients and plenty of concordances to understand what it truly means to be stoic. Stoicism is a mindset that serves me well. The philosophy allows me to focus on what matters and discard the noise of what doesn't.  Stoicism guides my inner work.

I believe in having vision for living the good life. A good vision can be the guide for all the missions in your life. It's your vision and mission that give you purpose. People that have a purpose make an impact on the world.

The more we live, the more we work toward our purpose, the more we master our world. Mastery is gained through the forged in fire spirit, wisdom, and accomplishments that come from wrestling physical and metaphysical world.

When you step out of your mind and into the world and you work toward achieving you goals, you embark on the adventures of living. Not every adventure needs to be a walk in the woods.  Some adventures are those of relationship, or career, or hobby.  The adventures we go on are about mind, body, and spirit.

It's from these core tenants that I write.  Pushing farther into living the good life.