Life has a funny way of piling shit on all at once. Whether the fact that it comes in waves, or we let it build up to until we are ready to pop. There is always a time when it's too much and it calls for direct action. Lean in and push that shit back.


Our natural response is pull back, circle the wagons, and get ready for the onslaught. There is plenty of self doubt to go around. When you are pushed on to your heals, all you can do is try to get sure footing. Roll with it's natural direction. Take it in, build space - use that slack in the tension to get a stronger stance. Dig your heals in and hold the line.

A warning, however. Don't re-create the Alamo.  Fortified positions only provide temporary relief. Strengths become weaknesses. Castles have a way of become prisons.

Get off the X

When I'm participating in Defensive Pistol matches, there is a concept of getting off the X. When the buzzer goes off, you need to start moving. Diagonal movement is best, because it creates space in two directions. It's harder to track. And most of the time, your opponent becomes the stationary target.

When it comes to life's problems, getting in motion is exactly what needs to happen. Movement creates opportunity.  Movement in your thoughts solves problems. Movement in the action creates solutions. Both are required for change.

Just thinking and talking about a problem is sterile. Without action there is solution. Debate is as far as you can go without action. Action solidifies the solution to the physical world - it can only be contested by the actions of others. Action confers the notion of risk. Don't be risk adverse.

Time is always moving forward. You must be moving forward.

Lean In and Press Forward

Shake it off. What is done is done. Press forward and continue on the journey. For every trial we face on our journey through life, we have the choice to become stronger or let it defeat us. Defeat is the station of cowards.

We don't learn from success. We learn from failure. Failure is our fuel for growth. Failure is our trusty friend always there to keeps us humble and grateful for what we do have. There is no better friend to have because once you embrace that friendship, you have no choice but to get better.

Smashing on the Rocks

Sometimes the path forward finds us in a hamster wheel of successive failures. As much as you try to break free, the power of the waves won't let you catch your breath. You're skinned up, bruised, and hurting.

These situations feel so impossible to cope with. With the rocks battering your body, and the waves making sure you savor the pain, it feels so helpless.

Until you realize you are the wave.

You are going to have to get real with yourself. You're positions, assumptions, words, thoughts, deeds are all aligned incorrectly. It's time to Own Your Shit. There is nothing more emotionally painful than the internal realization that you have created your own dark world.

Light a torch my friend, and start climbing.


Life is not linear. Life is not easy. In a way, we were built for suffering. It is though suffering that we develop self-worth, dignity, compassion, empathy, strength, and mastery of the world around us.

My most important advice is to stay in motion.

Even when you are retreating, you are in motion. It is crucial to pivot at some point and begin moving forward once again. If you feel like a dog staked in the back yard, chew through the rope.

Inaction is death.

This post was inspired by the song Carnivore by Starset.